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Over the years we have developed
a number of programs.

We have done everything from analysis
and database programs to a
program that created an entire



We have a set of development servers that make it possible to test server and game software. Being able to develop programs and websites "in house" provides opportunities to test and experiment without the Internet servers going down all the time. we run both Apache and IIS 7 for web development and MySql for the databases.

We also use them as a "render farm" for 3D graphics. The entire development stack sits on its own network separated from the rest of the network. A big task is also to run Opensim's development system. We have six islands that are run "in house" and can be accessed from the Internet via a VPN line.

The developers we work with are all over the world. This makes it possible to develop both graphics and above all scripting for Second life without ruining the experience in SL. Sometimes things go wrong. we have islands that are developed here and can now be downloaded online. Entire environments that are ready to load into an Opensim server.

The grid

Opensim is an open source software that makes it possible to run a virtual world yourself privately or for the company. Opensim is based on the reverse engineering of the Second life server software and is compatible with the SL viewer programs that display the world on your computer.

OpensimIn Opensim you can build, script and walk around in your own virtual world. Opensim is used by many different worlds online and it is usually free to log in and travel around. My island is on Osgrid.

We use Opensim as a development system to test and develop products for Second life.
We also have ready-made islands that you can download and experiment with.
My contribution to Open Source.


Linux tux


Open suse

We run a mix of Windows and Linux servers and workstations. The development servers and some workstations run OpenSUSE Linux 64bit. Linux is especially good for web, database servers, DHCP and router software.

Today more and more programs for development for Linux and the entire systems for Android, Mono and database development are available as open source.

We also run Windows XP virtualized under Linux with Virtualbox for the Realm crafter MMO server (Massive multiplayer online game) for which we have a development system.

Many game systems use MySql databases and OpenSUSE installs a complete Lamp system with MySql ready to use.

Running an Opensim island on a Linux computer that does not need to be the latest model works perfectly today.

Linux is today a stable system that runs excellent to use for both server and workstations.