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Game development


We build houses and landscapes.
Create game characters and clothes.
Build objects like cars, boats
planes and trains.

And make them move.

Scripting and generally having fun.

In Second life we ​​make everything from
fashion to drivable trucks.

We develop games, which can mean a lot today. Everything from simple script games on a web page to MMO clients with tens of thousands of players. All games need content. Enemies, monsters, gadgets and environments. Everything has to be built and constructed from the smallest blade of grass on the ground.

We work with several different development systems. The 3D material is connected with Collada and we use several Open source systems such as Blender and Gimp, above all because they can be run under Linux. The latest system is Unity, a
complete game building system.

To create sounds we mainly use midi synths which we mix down with all imaginable sounds in Samplitude.

For textures we have an image archive with thousands of images and there are tons of free images online.

Most things can be done without leaving the keyboard, which makes development cheaper and faster.


A game object can consist of anything. It is usually a figure, vehicle or weapon. An object must first be created in a 3D program where the shape and textures are put in place. Bone structures for animation, the animations themselves, sound for the object and finally the script that talks about what it should do.

Game objects have in common that they must be scripted. A small program that is connected to the object and tells what it should do. One of the most common script languages ​​is Lua, which is used, among other things, in World of warcraft.

An object can be very complicated.

We make objects for both virtual worlds and games. As a content supplier, we create both for online sales and make order jobs.

SL house

Standing high on a mountain and looking down into a valley while the sun slowly sets is something you often do in many games. Someone created the sky which can be dynamic or created as an image and pasted into the world.

The valley and mountains are often created in a 3D map program or a fractal program. The trees, bushes and roads are created to support the story and create a background mood for the player's actions.

Creating an entire world can be extremely time consuming. The big time stealer is putting all the textures in the right place. Trees and bushes can be set automatically. Yes, in fact, we have developed software that builds entire cities. we create cities, alien planets and deep forests. We have made some landscapes as open source for Opensim. Available for download online.