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Internet dev


We screw together
web sites both
the technology, the layout
and image material.

We make custom-made
web themes on







Within Open source there are several very good systems for publishing material. we use Joomla which is a CMS system that is well suited when several people are to publish material and it is easy to connect a webshop from Virtuemart to the pages. Wordpress is a blog system for a few users that can be expanded with lots of gadgets.

Using this type of system makes it easy to post new material, create web advertising, questions and more and it works without you need extensive knowledge of the web or computers. Once the system is in place, it largely takes care of itself. What you lose compared to a normal website written in ASP or HTML is that you have somewhat less opportunity to influence function and appearance. But if you have the courage to familiarize yourself with the possibilities, you can configure your site very much yourself.

When it comes to appearance, these are changed through themes that are available for free or can be purchased online.


Interactive media can be the Internet or games and software. Websites, Twitter and Facebook to communicate or Youtube for video and Machinima. Music from lots of places and everything needs well-designed websites to function.

We ourselves have various sites that act as information and sales sites on the net. Just like in regular media, there must be a clear idea with a website and
use for the users. The technique should not be visible. We have sites that work with databases as a basis but also some completely normal HTML sites, which is sometimes enough for a website to provide the information needed.

Simpler ASP programming or PHP can make a big difference to a site's function and does not need to cost much to develop. There are also ready-made CMS and blog systems that you can use for free if you need an online presence.



Publishing systems and blogs use themes
to change appearance. we make themes for
Wordpress, Joomla, DotNetNuke, Blogger.
A theme is a set of graphics and CSS
files that describe how the website should look.

Themes are graphic design and a little technology in one
package. There are many themes for download
to the big systems like Wordpress, but you
often have to share the appearance with other websites.
If you want to have your own graphic profile, you need
a specially made theme.

You would like to have your own logo and
perhaps a specially made background. Some of the
publishing systems can be changed in the
administration of the website, but in
most cases you need your own theme that
can be color and logo coordinated to your
own company.