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Digital photography



Digital images
and computer generated

Photo for web or
virtual worlds.


Photography is the basis for many of the textures we use in games and virtual worlds. Photos and illustrations are also a good way to convey information on websites when you don't want to post too long texts. Photography is widely used everywhere in the media. You cannot do without a large image archive and photographers.

There are more ways to create images today. 3D programs make it possible to create images that would be impossible in reality or too expensive to produce and sometimes digital images make it possible to finish the result exactly as you want it.

In Second life we ​​produce lots of images for advertisements and magazines. The second life world makes it possible to create virtual images that can often compete with the best of real life photos. we naturally have a photo studio "in world" also for product photos of our virtual products.


We still have our analogue lab but it is not used much in the digital imaging world. Digital cameras mean that the photo world has moved into the computer. The image in the field is an HDR (high definition range) image that you take with a regular digital camera and then extract the information better through post-processing in a computer.

Photographing has not changed but the use and distribution of images on The Internet is different.

The picture on the left is a fashion picture taken in the virtual world Second life. Actually completely created in software in a computer but the process is surprisingly similar to those you go through to create a regular fashion image.

Choice of model, clothes, makeup, location, lighting and camera. Photo production is the same even if it is virtual.

Computer animated

Production of completely computer-generated images provides completely different possibilities for describing an alternative reality, even if it can be an ordinary product photo. A lot of what is done is abstract images that are based on software and algorithms. Like all the fractal images that flooded the web for a while.

We have a small render farm for ray tracing of more advanced images. An advanced image can take 24 hours to make on a good computer so extra capacity is always longed for.

The actual process of creating the image is very time consuming because everything, every little detail has to be created. Therefore, today we often use game engines and virtual worlds to create exciting images. With someone after treatment, you can get fantastic results at a much lower cost.