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Graphic design


Layouts for web.

Design for e-books.

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Web pageTraditional media such as brochures, price lists
and newspapers can now be easily moved to the web .
It has long been possible to distribute over the net
through downloadable PDF files. But new
flash and java readers today provide a much more
interactive opportunity to read online.
Two of the biggest sites are Calaméo and
Issuu where you can publish your files
as interactive paper magazines that you
read on the screen. You can even get
paper sounds when you turn the pages.

Websites and apps make the web more accessible
but all materials still need to be designed
in the same way as printed matter. There is still
a great need for graphic design. Reading on
digital screens requires a different design
than in a newspaper. But the material is basically
the same.

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The digital world is designed. Everything from game content to web pages is basically graphic design.

Putting images and text together as clearly as possible and legibly sets completely different requirements in the digital world than in the printed reality. Screens make other demands on the length of texts and the typographical freedom.

At the same time, new ways of distributing what could be printed media will appear. Books and magazines can be sent at a minimal cost. we also have a virtual printing press in my country area that prints books that can be read inside the virtual world Second life.

Doing graphic design in the virtual and real world is really a challenge. Digital design only increases so we don't do print anymore.