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Digital kittens AB is a Swedish company located outside of Lund in the southern part of Sweden. 2worlds2go is our virtual world website. We do world building in different metaverse. We work in Second life, Opensim, Flight simulator and other game systems. The general idea is to use mature technology as game graphics and software to expand its usefulness into the art world. Transforming tech to art and virtual design.


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Contact: Skype name a2worlds2go or telephone in Sweden.(+46 (0)46 2885325) mail:

The Website is owned and operated by Digital kittens AB.

We do

Research and design

We do a lot of research into Opensim worlds, art and software.

Today we focus on artificial intelligence and virtual reality. New hardware and a growing interest in these fields. And the big changes that is coming to society. Makes it important and big fun.

Virtual art make changes in they way we see games on apps and computers. Some of it is tech stuff and some art.


The research produces objects, textures, web experiments and sometimes weird hardware. Experiments with new servers and hardware or just connecting old ones in new ways, and the Internet of things. We now do development for the Oculus rift.


The virtual world projects create architecture and landscapes. On the island on the OSgrid randomly new things end up.

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The developer grid is now about 20 sims. All run by Opensim. We also have some game servers to test new game ideas.

The above trademarks are in no way affiliated to Digital kittens AB. Just showing what we use in our work.





Content for virtual worlds and simulation.
  • Rain! So I went to Miami beach in SL instead.
    06 July 2021

    This is a really cool build. You really feel like you are in a episode of Miami vice. Taking a break from exploring at the beach for a while.

    Happy about my VR rig when I can visit places like this.

  • Need more AI people.
    04 July 2021

    Today I visited a sim with a lot of static people. Really nice models. My ava looked weird. I really makes the sim more alive even if the models are static. I think virtual reality needs more models moving around sitting and eating and so much more, All the empty sims really look old and dated. This could be the future. The end of all of these lifeless sims and maybe more Westworld.

  • Three hours on the dancefloor. Second Pride.
    12 June 2021

    On Second Pride and still going. Need some coffee. on the fly

Digital kittens AB

We build new worlds. Digital kittens AB
  • Looking to buy some new graphics cards.
    21 July 2021
    Nope there are no cards for sale. Is it the chip crisis or did miners buy them all?
  • Setting up some new sims.
    18 July 2021
    Working on some new sims and a new server setup. Opensim servers and our cloud will be up tomorrow when the heat is over. Soon back to business.
  • Weekend work
    02 July 2021
    We are upgrading servers and network so everything will be on off for all weekend. Opensim grid will be down until we are shure it works alright again. Upgrades are always complicated.